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We help frustrated corporate professionals build profitable, purpose-driven online businesses, so they achieve financial freedom doing work they love

Discover the 4-Step Online Business Model that Takes Our Clients From ‘Employee’ to ‘Entrepreneur' in 8 Weeks or Less...

Learn the step-by-step game plan our clients use to take their business from idea or side hustle, to one that fully supports their lifestyle, working HALF the hours they do right now.

How they create an income that surpasses their wildest dreams, so they earn more in a month than they currently earn in a year.

What they're doing to completely eliminate that ceiling on their income, so they can stop waiting for that next promotion that never comes...

The REAL reason why no aspiring online business owner needs to spend a fortune on paid marketing or fancy systems ... And how to 'shortcut' your way to success instead.

The secret to knowing EXACTLY what to sell and how to package it, so potential clients or customers sign up every day on autopilot.

And, how they do ALL this without complicated social media marketing strategies, and in just a few hours a week.

"The only thing that truly comes between who you are, and who you want to be is your mindset."

Founder, Stephani Hepburn


How Can We Help You Build Your Online Business?

Ways to Work With Us

Take the Masterclass

Purpose to Profit Masterclass

Want to access the super simple 4-step online business model that takes our clients from 'Employee' to 'Entrepreneur' in less than 8 weeks? Take our 100% free masterclass to discover the secret today. 

Private Coaching

Online Business Breakthrough Session

In this complimentary 45-minute consultation, we will discuss your online business goals, past obstacles to success and readiness for positive change. Need some help to develop a bespoke strategy for launching your profitable online business? Take the next step and arrange your session below today: limited availability.

Join Our Community

Escape the 9 to 5 Online Community

Are you exhausted with the trial and error process of launching your online course? Join the Purpose to Profit Community to learn how to attract your dream clients, match your professional salary and achieve the freedom and abundance you deserve.

Our Mission

Mindset Success is the #1 online community for ambitious corporate professionals who wish to build profitable, purpose-driven online businesses, so they make a consistent income doing work they love.

We invite you to become a member of our Purpose to Profit Community, for more information on how to thrive and excel amidst the challenges of everyday life. 

Never underestimate the power that one simple choice can have in transforming your life forever. If you're ready to build your own profitable purpose-driven business, take our FREE Purpose to Profit Masterclass

Stephani Hepburn

Founder & CEO, Mindset Success


Go From ‘Employee’ to ‘Entrepreneur' in Less Than 8 Weeks...

Even if you have no idea where to start in business

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