In this article, Mindset and Success Coach Samantha Quemby, shares her suggestions on how to channel your inner CEO. 

If you want to be the leader of your business and life, you need to be the leader of your mind first. Cultivating your CEO Mindset is about developing your very best self and showing up as her every single day. Here are my 6 tips for helping you do that. 

How you start and end your day matters

Whilst you don’t need to spend an hour meditating each morning to build a successful business, I do believe starting and ending your day with intention gives you the winning edge. 

How many times have you woken up, sleepily scrolled through social media and then noticed the spiral of doubt begins before you’ve even had your morning coffee? 

Rather than looking at a morning and evening routine as another thing for your to-do list, make it about the intention you want to start and end your day with. 

Tip: Take the time to start and end your day with conscious choices and a purpose. Your subconscious mind is most susceptible first thing when you wake up and just before going to sleep at night. The sooner you take control of the information you allow to creep in at those times the sooner you will notice a stronger mindset building. 

Let go of wanting to know HOW

If you had £1 for every time you asked ‘but HOW am I going to hit that goal?’ ‘How will I get fully booked out with ideal clients?’ would you no longer need to make money from actually signing clients?! 

Focusing too much on the HOW comes from a place of control and lack of trust. The problem? Your energy is one of desperation and fear, pinning your hopes on every potential client and giving the message to the Universe you aren’t buying into the fact it’s got it covered. 

Mike Dooley says in ‘Leveraging the Universe’ that our job is to keep showing up to bat, it’s the Universe’s job to decide which one is going to be a home run! 

Tip: If you find yourself constantly wondering how things will work in your business take some time to journal and feel into this question:

What would it look like if I trusted the clients and results I desired were coming? 

Release those limiting beliefs

If you aren’t working to remove your limiting beliefs then you’re instantly betting against yourself and your success. 95% of your actions, behaviours, emotions and decisions come from your subconscious mind. Only 5% of what you do on a daily basis is from conscious thought and awareness. 

This means that if you want to make sure you aren’t the reason you don’t hit your goals, addressing and releasing your limiting beliefs needs to be top of your list. 

You can say you want huge success, but if you’re holding on to the belief making money means no one will like you then you’ll find yourself stuck in procrastination and self-sabotage. 

When you work to really shed yourself of the beliefs that don’t serve you it allows you to get in touch with who you truly are and own your confidence daily. 

Tip: One way to consciously break down your limiting beliefs is to question them:

  • Where did I learn this?
  • Is this always true? 
  • What assumptions am I making here?
  • What evidence do I need to start changing this belief?

Put your energy into what you can do

If you want to strengthen your mindset for business success you have to switch your focus from what you can’t do and in turn ask better questions. 

There may be lots you feel is out of your control when running your business, I mean I think we’ve all been guilty of blaming the IG algorithm and feeling personally under attack by it…

When you focus purely on the problems and things you can’t do anything about, you take away your power. 

Tip: Rather than asking ‘Why’ something is happening, switch to asking ‘What’ you can do about it or ‘How you can change the situation’. These questions encourage the brain to look for solutions. A solution focused mindset is where you want to be! 

Your lane is the only one that matters

Comparisonitis is an easy trap to fall into, especially in the online space where you can see what everyone else is doing. You need to remember your lane is the only one that matters and there’s no one way to build a business. The more you look outside of yourself, the more you fall into the ‘shoulds’ and ‘have to’s’ as opposed to focusing on what you want to do and what feels good. 

Tip: Unfollow anyone who makes you feel rubbish about where you are! Secondly, next time you feel yourself being crippled by the comparison bug, see how you can change the focus to one of being inspired by their journey, identify what it is you want about that person’s business or life and turn your thoughts to how you can create it for yourself! 

Leaders are learners

The better quality food you feed your body, the stronger and healthier it feels. Your mind is no different. The better quality information you feed into it the better it will become. 

John C.Maxwell says that ‘growth isn’t automatic. You have to dig deep for it and be intentional about it’. He also believes if you focus on growth over simply your goals, you’ll hit your goals every time. 

Tip: Allocate time every day to feed your mind and growth in some way. This may be through a podcast, reading or watching something on YouTube.

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