In this article, you will discover how to begin your journey of transformation and take powerful actions to change your life in just seven days.

To assist with your mind, body & spirit transformation, we have created a bespoke tool for you to use. It’s called the ‘My Inner Power Action Plan’, and it’s available to download by clicking here, so make sure that you print out your copy before you get started.

Is it possible to completely transform yourself?

As humans, we go through a process of personal transformation throughout our lives. We are continually changing and evolving each day, and the extent to which we are able to harness and align our thoughts, feelings, and actions with our inner source (also referred to as spirit) will essentially determine our level of fulfillment and happiness in life.

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Is it possible to completely transform yourself?

In short, yes. We have the power to transform ourselves in both positive and negative ways. It is completely up to ourselves, and we must realize that the first step towards positive transformation is the acceptance of all responsibility for the current outcomes being experienced as our daily life.

The only way to achieve complete and lasting change in your life is to uncover the intrinsic motivations which will empower you to continue to evolve and push through when challenges to your desired outcome appear as part of your journey. These challenges, are not to be feared or avoided, because by overcoming them, you will progress onto the next stage of your personal transformation having overcome your hurdle, gaining valuable wisdom and insights as part of the the process.

An example of this is someone who is desperately trying to find out how to lose weight and release a certain amount of excess fat from their body. They may have been finding this very difficult: yoyo dieting for years, trying every eating plan, fitness fad and joining various health clubs without success. This person may even have come up with various reasons for their inability to lose weight, for example, being ‘bigger boned’, saying that their challenge ‘runs in the family’, or that they have ‘poor discipline’ or ‘lack the knowledge’ to find a programme that works for them.

In actuality, the only challenge for this person is that until they are able to understand that their own mindset & action habits actually led them to hold onto that excess body fat in the first place; come to the conclusion that this is not what they perceive as the best version of themselves, and welcome the personal growth, discipline and action required to evolve into that reality.

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1. How to shift your mindset

The steps to changing your mindset are very simple… if you allow them to be.

You must release all misconceptions and self limiting beliefs that ‘change is difficult’ or that ‘you cant have everything you want. These are all completely false, but of course, if you hear or repeat anything enough times, it can become your reality.

  1. Find out what you want to change – Click here to download our free ‘My Inner Power Action Plan’ & complete the ‘Self-Analysis’ page which will uncover the root cause of your need for development.
  2. Be prepared for change and understand that you can do it – it is possible and very very simple when you know-how. You will need to invest time only, nothing more. Know that your ego will try to hold you back – it fears change, you will have to work with the ego by calming and soothing its anxieties and minimising its impact on your decisions. Tell the ego that you understand that he/she is doing what she feels is right to protect you, but in actuality she is holding you back. Tell her/him that you are an extremely powerful being, with limitless potential, and that you will care for her along the way, so she should not worry. Visualise your ego shrinking until they are as tiny as a paperclip. Place them in your hand and give them the reassurance they need using the positive affirmations in your Personal Transformation printable, such as ‘I am safe’, I am secure, I am resilient, I am capable of positive change.
  3. Move onto the ‘Desired Reality Action Plan’ section of your action plan and list all the characteristics of the person you want to become – and the way in which your life now looks in your new desired reality.
  4. Write these out as ‘I am’ affirmations on the final page of your action plan, knowing that now that you have written them down they are completely possible to achieve: its simply a matter of applied action and time.
  5. Think about the three single actions relating to mind, body and spirit (your life’s purpose) which will drive you forward most by engaging in them every single day.
  6. Meditate on these every single morning & evening, feeling as if these affirmations are already your current reality.

2. How to transform your body and image

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Can you really change your body in 7 days? Is it possible to change your body shape? Can I change my body at home? Yes, yes, and yes. It’s important to ask the deeper questions, in this case, to ensure that you are approaching your transformation from the right place. What do you desire to change about your existing look? If your desires are coming from a place of health & wellness, then jump right ahead, but if you’re simply looking to change the way you look to be a carbon copy of an Instagram influencer with the perfectly ‘enhanced’ physique, smile & facial structure, there may be some deeper work that requires your attention before embarking on your transformation.

In his international bestseller, Psycho-Cybernetics, Dr Maxwell Maltz noted that 99.5% of his patients still had unresolved emotional issues which were not eradicated by the transformational surgery which they had gone through. His groundbreaking research showed that their issues could be solved simply by changing their self-image.

It is not my, or anyone else’s place to say what people should and should-not do with regards to enhancements and cosmetic surgery, nor should it be anyone else’s. My own individual perspective, however, is that all people are beautiful in their own unique way and that natural beauty (even if subtly enhanced) will always be more beautiful than a second-hand imitation of another persons ‘look’.

The secret to weight loss and looking beautiful is very simple, but it has taken me many years of research and reflection to uncover. If you want to ‘lose weight’, it will inevitably be a struggle. However, if your goal is to become more healthy, finely tune your body and treat it like a temple, the results will always follow, and your body will look and feel amazing in no time at all.

So what actions would your new self take on a daily basis, if you were already living that perfectly fit and healthy life? Would you…

  • eat refined sugar & processed foods or eliminate them from your diet?
  • drink alcohol & sugary/calorific drinks or hydrate with fresh clean water & antioxidant herbal teas?
  • sit around watching TV in your free time or take daily exercise in nature at every opportunity?
  • Grumble and complain or meditate and reflect on your progress?

As you can see, when you build up the bigger picture, it’s not simply a case of eliminating foods or ‘doing’ new activities. It’s about completely changing your self-image into the kind of person you want to be, and taking the actions that they do on an ongoing basis. Make sure to write these actions down in the next page of your action plan, as they are crucial in enabling you to understand what actions are required on a consistent basis to compound into the bigger picture of the results you want to achieve.

3. How to develop your spirit

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Developing your spirit is all about nurturing and making time for the gifts and talents which you have been given at a ‘source’ level which make you unique. Its about connecting with yourself on a deeper level & working out what life’s mission is all about for you.

Spirituality has little to do with religion, and much more to do with developing who you are as a person. For many people, our vision of ourselves and who we really are, has been clouded by the mass media and the constant barrage of noise which we are subjected to on a daily basis. From the constant notifications on social media, to the ideas and ideologies being pushed out via the ‘News’ stations, and other TV & radio. We are also subjected to ideas about how humanity should be from people we work with and our family and friends. Not all of these resonate with us, and not all of the people who push out these beliefs have even explored them at a deeper level themselves. To achieve joy, happiness, peace and fulfilment requires us to take time alone, without all the ‘noise’ to discover what makes us unique and special.

Here are a few ideas that will help you to experience spiritual growth:

  • In the ‘Spiritual Development’ section of your My Inner Power Action Plan, make a list of things you love to do and write down what actions you have been taking during the times when you have been happiest in your life.
  • Get outside. Connect with nature & spend time alone, just thinking about your life and what you want to develop & do to grow as a person.
  • Travel. Make plans to explore amazing new countries & meet new people. Until you have stepped into the big world on your own, you will never fully experience the wonders of the world.
  • Meditate or practise Yoga, or Qi Gong or Tai Chi to enable your body to experience flow and control. Spend time on exploring the practice of Breathwork to hone your immune system and strengthen your body & mind.
  • Develop a consistent use of gratitude in your daily life. Ensure that you become grateful for every single situation in your life and begin to see things in a more positive light to build the skills you need to enhance and lift your spirit when you may need them most in future.

I hope you can see, that making a transformation in your life is absolutely possible in just seven days, but as with any lasting change, it won’t be a quick fix. Your in-built beliefs are deep-rooted, but with active & consistent positive actions, you will see lasting results before you know it.

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